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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Beef and Broccoli Recipe

Ingredients & Cooking Directions for Beef and Broccoli

Kitchen Equipment used in this Video

Asian bowls:
Cutting board:
Clear bowls:
Round white plate:
Long chopsticks:

Estimated Servings: 4

Step 1: Marinade the beef

1 pound thinly sliced sirloin beef or flank steak

In a bowl add soy sauce, oil, sugar, rice wine, cornstarch, pepper and garlic whisking them together until sugar and cornstarch dissolves in the sauce. Add beef to the marinade and coat the beef pieces with marinade. Allow the beef to marinate at room temperature for about 10-15 minutes.

Step 2: Steam the broccoli

2 cups water
2 ½ cups broccoli florets

In a wok or large pan, pour in water, turn heat on high, and bring it to a boil. Add the broccoli and allow it to steam for about 2-3 minutes or until it is bright green and crisp tender. Drain and set aside.

Step 3: Make the sauce

Add ingredients in a bowl and whisk them together until sugar and cornstarch dissolves. Set aside.

Step 4: Assemble the dish

1 cup sliced yellow onion

Turn stove on high heat and add in oil, onion, garlic and ginger stir frying them for about 10 seconds or until fragrant. Move the aromatics aside and add the beef slices in one layer and cook for about 30 seconds or until brown on one side and then flip them over and cook until brown on the other side. Pour in the sauce and stir fry with the beef for about 15 seconds. Then turn heat down to low add in broccoli. Allow the sauce to simmer and thicken for about 1 minute or until your desired consistency. Top with chili flakes and serve with hot steamed rice.


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