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Friday, September 1, 2017

Vietnamese Anchovy Dipping Sauce | Cách Làm Mắm Nêm Thơm Ngon

Ingredients & Cooking Directions for Vietnamese Anchovy Dipping Sauce

Kitchen Equipment used in this Video

Clear bowls:  
Measuring cup:

Estimated servings: about 3 cups

1. Turn stove on medium heat and add oil to sauce pan.
2. When oil is hot, add in garlic, ginger and lemongrass stir frying until lightly golden and fragrant.
3. Turn heat to low and add in pineapple, sugar and anchovy sauce stirring until sugar completely dissolves.
4. Transfer sauce to a bowl and pour in Coco Rico, lime juice and garlic chili sauce mixing to combine. Taste sauce and adjust sweetness, sourness or saltiness if needed.
5. Serve with fresh spring rolls or vermicelli bowls.


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